Bottle Cover – the trendy addition for optimal tea enjoyment

Bottle Cover

Bottle Cover: Great value and trendy designs for even more tea enjoyment

Make more out of your water bottle with a bottle cover

A bottle cover is a bottle cover that can act as a bottle bag, protective cover and – depending on the thermal properties – even as a warming bag. The functions of the bottle covers are determined by the materials used. Manufacturers attach great importance to sustainable and pollutant-free materials that are largely free of plastic and as renewable as possible – just like the functional bottles with their natural structure. As a popular accessory for a tea bottle, a tea cup or a coffee cup, you will enjoy even more benefits in use. The bottle cover is worthwhile and should complement every tea bottle – also as a gift!

Bottle Cover: The material determines the properties

Bottle covers made of organic cotton often serve as pure transport and design bags. These bottle covers are available in printed form, reminiscent of cool jute bags. As a special eye-catcher, the bottle covers are often equipped with casual cords. Some bottle covers are made of felt. This is a very robust fabric that hardly tears or loses its shape under normal loads. Felt also insulates against heat and cold and protects the bottle from scratches. The cotton with its organic properties and the felt are often dyed in attractive colours for bottle covers. Natural colours – such as grey, green or orange – are used in line with the environmental concept behind the advanced products. By the way, a neoprene cover insulates even better than a bottle cover, so this is an efficient thermal hood. Tip: BPA-free silicone sleeves in particular should fit snugly on the bottle, as this increases the grip of the bottle enormously.

Bottles with matching bottle cover for yourself and the environment

Tea bottles made of glass, steel or bamboo are so popular because they have little or no impact on the environment and your health compared to plastic or plastic products and are reusable at the same time. You can even increase the longevity of your bottle by using suitable bottle covers. A glass bottle wrapped in felt, for example, can withstand light knocks better. Of course, despite the bottle cover, you should take good care of the glass bottle. Protect your bamboo or stainless steel bottle from unsightly scratches with a cotton bottle cover. A neoprene cover as a bottle cover keeps your tea hot longer, saving you energy.

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